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Wireless charger can power 40 mobile phones at once from 15 feet away

2014-04-21 14:15 by
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A team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) recently demonstrated a new option for wireless charging: two nine-foot-long boxes packed with coils that can deliver power to up to 15 feet away with a magnetic field. One of the boxes generates a magnetic field, while the other induces the voltage. They call the set up a Dipole Coil Resonant System (DCRS). The team debuted the system last week and in March used it to power equipment at a nuclear power plant.

At just 3 meters long, 10 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters tall, DCRS seems like it could serve as a public wireless charging station in locations such as airports that could eventually let multiple people charge their devices without having to crowd around the same area. Engineering professor Chun T. Rim from KAIST says that the technology isn't close to being commercialized right now but he says eventually long-range wireless charging stations will become just as common as Wi-Fi hotspots are today.

"Just like we see Wi-Fi zones everywhere today, we will eventually have many Wi-Power zones at such places as restaurants and streets that provide electric power wirelessly to electronic devices," Rim explains. "We will use all the devices anywhere without tangled wires attached and anytime without worrying about charging their batteries."

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