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Sprint to shut down WiMAX service by end of 2015

2014-04-08 09:16 by
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Sprint has announced in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it plans to shut down its WiMAX service by the end of 2015. Once Sprint's preferred flavor of 4G connectivity will be replaced by Sprint's Spark tri-band LTE network. The company should have Spark LTE available in 100 new markets by the time 2016 rolls around, which should help offset the loss of 4G coverage in some areas with the shutdown of WiMAX.

Dropping WiMAX means that the company will be decommissioning approximately 6,000 towers it has identified as redundant. In a previous SEC filing concerning the shutdown of its WiMAX network, Sprint said it planned on decommissioning 4,300 towers, which means the number has grown by around 1,700 in the time between then and now.

Customers who currently rely on WiMAX service will be given "reasonable advanced notice" before the service becomes unavailable in their area, and once that happens, they'll have three options to choose from. They can simply carry on with the wireless plan they have without WiMAX functionality, deactivate their service without worrying about paying an early termination fee, or choose to be upgraded to Sprint's LTE network, which will net them a "free standard LTE-capable" device.

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