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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler defends proposed net neutrality reform

2014-05-01 09:43 by
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The chairman of the United States Federal Communication Commission is continuing to support his proposal concerning the future of the so-called "Open Internet" this week despite ongoing criticism. Skeptics have voiced concerns that, if adopted, the draft document's rules would let Internet Service Providers transmit data to end-users more quickly if the applicable content producers pay more to the ISPs.

Appearing at the annual meeting of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, the cable industry lobbying group that he once led as president and CEO, Wheeler declared that "reports that we are gutting the Open Internet rules are incorrect."

"Let me be clear. If someone acts to divide the Internet between 'haves' and 'have-nots,' we will use every power at our disposal to stop it," Wheeler said.

"At the heart of the proposed NPRM is the assurance that it won't be possible for an Internet provider to degrade the service available to all," Wheeler added. "Let me re-emphasize that: the Internet will remain like it is today, an open pathway. If a broadband provider (ISP) acts in a manner that keeps users from effectively taking advantage of that pathway then it should be a violation of the Open Internet rules."

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