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Xbox Series S leaks with $299 price

2020-09-08 17:18 by


Microsoft has confirmed that it will release a second next-generation console after a leak prompted it to unveil the Xbox Series S. A leaker posted the purported design of the Xbox Series S on Twitter, which seemed to be in line with previous leaks. The Series S is half as large as the Series X, comes in white, and can be placed either vertically or horizontally.

This console will not include a disc drive. It will be all-digital, have 512GB of storage, target 120 FPS at up to 1,440p, support ray tracing, variable rate shading and variable refresh rate. And while the Series X will support 4K gaming, Microsoft intends the Series S to be more of a 1080p machine. But it will play the same next-gen games as the Series X.

Microsoft has so far only confirmed the price for the Xbox Series S - $299. If you don't want to pay $299 up-front, then the Series S will be available for $25 a month through Xbox All Access. This is the company's subscription-style system that lets you use a console without having to buy it outright.

As for release dates, the big day for both consoles will apparently be November 10. That's around the period the gaming world had expected, and is just in time for the Black Friday shopping period.

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