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US government puts TikTok ban on hold

2020-11-13 19:01 by


The US Commerce Department will not immediately enforce Donald Trump's TikTok ban, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday—the day the order was set to take effect. The move comes two days after parent company ByteDance filed an appeal in federal court asking for more time to make a deal with Oracle.

Thursday was supposed to be the drop-dead date for TikTok's Chinese parent, ByteDance, to divest the social media company, under an executive order signed by President Donald Trump this summer.

On Friday morning, however, TikTok told a federal judge that the US government had granted the company's request for an extension. The move doesn't resolve the outstanding questions facing the company — it must still fight for its proposed deal and is embroiled in litigation over Trump's earlier attempted restrictions such as a ban from US app stores — but it provides TikTok with some temporary breathing room.

U.S. officials have alleged national security concerns over the short-video sharing app due to its Chinese ties, although TikTok has reiterated many times that all its data is stored on servers in the U.S., with a backup in Singapore, and it is making efforts to deal with the U.S. government's security concerns.

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