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T-Mobile provides customers with mini cell towers to boost coverage

2015-11-03 03:18 by


In order to ensure that its customers can get a wireless signal anywhere, particularly in home and office, T-Mobile has decided to give them a free mini cell tower - the 4G LTE CellSpot.

This is an 8.5-inch tall and 8.5-inch wide box which plugs into the existing Internet router and is expected to provide an average of 3,000 square feet of full-bar LTE coverage indoors. It is based on "femtocell" or "small cell" technology, T-Mobile says this is the first-ever 4G LTE mini-tower available from a U.S. wireless provider.

"It's the world's first device of its kind that is 3G, 4G and VoLTE-capable, and any T-Mobile customer can connect to it automatically just like any other cell tower—no passwords or log-ins required," T-Mobile said in an announcement.

The LTE CellSpot supports VoLTE, HD Voice and T-Mobile's video calling and advanced messaging services. It can provide speeds of 60Mbps downstream and 20Mbps upstream. 

With this mini tower, customers will be able to connect to T-Mobile's cellular network - not Wi-Fi. That means in places where they previously received poor signal, they'll now get a full, speedy connection.

T-Mobile customers with a "Simple Choice" plan are elegible to receive the cell tower for their home. Those who want to have it, can request the CellSpot in a T-Mobile store (and to pay a $25 refundable deposit). It will be available starting on Wednesday.

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