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Researchers extend Wi-Fi range by using just software

2019-10-24 18:16 by


Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) have announced new wireless protocol that can extend the reach of Wi-Fi devices by more than 60 metres – without the need for hardware modifications. It is aimed at Internet of Things devices.

The protocol is called "On-Off Noise Power Communication" (ONPC) and is programmed on top of the existing Wii-Fi protocol. But whereas Wi-Fi requires at least 1Mbps to maintain a signal, ONPC can maintain the signal at speed as low as 1bps.

The new protocol can extend the range of IoT devices like door sensors or motion detectors by more than 60 meters according to tests.

"That's the really cool thing about this technology: it's all done in software," said Phil Lundrigan, assistant professor of computer engineering at BYU. "In theory, we could install this on almost any WiFi-enabled device with a simple software update. We can send and receive data regardless of what WiFi is doing; all we need is the ability to transmit energy and then receive noise measurements," Lundrigan added. "We could apply this to cellular or Bluetooth as well."

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