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PC manufacturers distribute vulnerable bloatware

2016-06-02 03:16 by


A new report from security firm Duo Security has revealed that the pre-installed software on consumer PCs from Acer, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and HP suffers from multiple security vilnerabilities.

"Security researchers have always known that consumer laptops sold in the big box stores were vulnerable to hackers," Duo researcher Darren Kemp said in a statement. "Vulnerabilities are present because these machines are loaded with third-party programs and bloatware that are not sufficiently reviewed for security. We were just surprised at how bad these add-ons made things once we began our investigation."

The Duo team notified all five vendors about the security issues at least 90 days ago. So far, HP has responded and fixed the high risk vulnerabilities. Acer and Asus have responded, but have not yet released their fix timetables. Lenovo has completely removed the vulnerable software from its systems and those machinesshould no longer be vulnerable.

Unfortunately, affected owners can't do much to protect themselves from the vulnerabilities created by these OEM tools, Duo Labs said. That's why, the company recommends removing any OEM system and reinstalling a bloatware-free copy of Windows and uninstalling any unnecessary software.

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