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New Vivaldi browser launches, targets power users

2016-04-08 02:33 by


A new browser has emerged on the horizon. It is called Vivaldi and is created by the founder and ex-CEO of Opera Jon von Tetzchner. So far, the browser has been available in test version only, but now its official version 1.0 is available for download.

Vivaldi targets most demanding users — people who like to customize their browsers to the greatest extent, who value the longest list of features. The browser relies on the Blink rendering engine, a fork of the older WebKit that Google uses as the foundation of Chrome.

"We set out on a mission to make web browsers powerful again," von Tetzchner said in a statement. "Vivaldi 1.0 is both a throwback and a look ahead. It's a 'Modern Classic' designed to help our users get the most out of all the time they spend with their browser."

Vivaldi actually presents a very simple user interface, but also stresses customizability. Unlike major rivals like Chrome and Firefox, which depend heavily on extensions if you want to do anything beyond basic browsing, Vivaldi was built as an all-in-one solution.

Tab Stacks, Tab Stack Tiling, and Sessions (which saves groups of tabs for later use), all let demanding users organize and group tabs with nearly boundless control. Tab tiling lets users see multiple webpages in one browser window at the same time.

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