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Mobile internet is faster than wi-fi in some countries

2018-11-27 14:29 by


A new report by Mobile analytics firm OpenSignal claims that mobile internet in 33 countries around the world is actually faster than Wi-Fi speeds. OpenSignal's analysis has found that mobile connections are up to 13Mbps faster in 41 percent of the 80 countries where users have installed its smartphone app. The 33 countries span nearly every continent—including Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America—and include rich and poor nations alike.

In most regions where broadband is relatively fast (like the US, Singapore and Hong Kong) there is little difference between the speeds of mobile and wireless networks. However, multiple African, European and South American nations experience a massive difference between cellular and Wi-Fi speeds.

In Australia, mobile speeds average 34.6Mbps compared with Wi-Fi speeds of 21.6 Mbps, while in Lebanon mobile speeds of 14.8 Mbps beat Wi-Fi speeds of 2.5 Mbps.

This is a welcoming revelation, seeing that 5G internet is knocking on our doors. It is said that henceforth, cellular networking speeds are bound to get faster and better. This trend is especially expected in the year 2019.

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