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Media giants form anti-piracy alliance

2017-06-15 12:30 by


A new coalition that will fight online piracy has been created. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is comprised of 30 companies including the studios of the MPAA, Amazon, Netflix, CBS, HBO, BBC, Sky, Bell Canada, CBS, Hulu, Lionsgate, Foxtel, Village Roadshow, and many more.

Specifically, the group plans to conduct research, work with law enforcement to curtail illegal pirate enterprises and "pursue voluntary agreements with responsible parties across the internet ecosystem" (such as search engines like Google and broadband service providers).

Years ago, the MPAA and RIAA also joined forces to fight piracy. That is, they used one legal firm instead of two to send out threatening copyright infringement letters. The two organizations somehow decided on the name MAFIAA and have worked to remove the internet piracy superstars from their thrones. That hasn't stopped the stream of torrents.

Piracy has been a massive, intractable problem for content industries. In 2016, internet users worldwide made 107.9 billion to streaming piracy sites, according to anti-piracy technology vendor Muso. In addition, the firm estimates that there were 34.2 billion visits to public and private torrent-based download services.

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