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Jeff Bezos' phone may have been hacked by Saudi Arabian crown prince

2020-01-23 17:13 by


The personal WhatsApp account of Saudi Arabia's crown prince was allegedly used to hack the cellphone of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in response to critical reporting on the kingdom by the Washington Post, two United Nations human rights experts said.

A report, by cybersecurity firm FTI Consulting, details how and why investigators hired by the CEO came to believe his iPhone was hacked by the Saudi government. It also, however, notes the extent to which Bezos' phone was completely owned.

According to the report, Bezos and the Saudi prince were having a friendly exchange over WhatsApp when the crown prince's account sent a mysterious video file, after which Bezos' device was compromised and large amounts of data were transferred off the phone.

"FTI assesses that Bezos' device was compromised on May 1, 2018," reads the report, "and that the compromise resulted in gigabytes of data exfiltration that likely contained sensitive data such as personal photos, text messages, instant messages, emails, and possibly local (eavesdropped) recordings done via the phone's microphone."

The allegation that the prince was personally involved is especially damaging, and will lower even further his international standing. In the U.S., it will harden the resolve of many in Congress to hold MBS to account for the murder, despite President Trump's best efforts to shield him.

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