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Google Baseline Study Seeks to Define a Healthy Human

2014-07-25 09:46 by


Google's research division, Google X, is sailing into uncharted waters with its latest project - the Baseline Study. The study will collect anonymous genetic and molecular information from 175 people initially, which will then expand to thousands more with a single purpose - creating the most comprehensive database of information on what a healthy human being should be like.

Project Baseline will use Google's computational power to identify "biomarkers" in the data that could help people stave off or avoid health issues. Medical science has traditionally discovered biomarkers for late stage diseases, but it's Google's hope that Project Baseline will also be able to crunch through data to detect tendencies in our bodies that can be addressed before they become life-threatening.

Of course, with so much data being collected, the questions of privacy come in. Google says the data will be accessible for it and other researchers only after it has been made anonymous. Google also adds that the information obtained from Baseline will not be shared with insurance firms, who would consider such information invaluable for reducing risks associated with medical insurances.

Baseline will be monitored by institutional review boards, which oversee all medical research involving humans. Once the full study gets going, boards run by the medical schools at Duke University and Stanford University will control how the information is used.

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