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FBI Will Help Local Police Unlock iPhones

2016-04-04 01:48 by


The FBI has refused to tell Apple how it hacked iPhone, but it claims that if needed, it will share the knowledge with local police departments.

"As has been our longstanding policy, the FBI will of course consider any tool that might be helpful to our partners," the FBI said in a letter. "Please know that we will continue to do everything we can to help you consistent with our legal and policy constraints."

Despite the FBI refuses to share how it unlocked the iPhone, Apple representatives claims that such an exploit won't remain a secret for a long time.The exploit could become widely known in a number of ways, such as the FBI sharing the information with other law enforcement agencies, or the source of the security bypass, which the FBI has not revealed, could choose to sell or give the method to other parties, or even other countries.

"Flaws of this nature have a pretty short life cycle," said an Apple engineer speaking on the condition of anonymity. "Most of these things do come to light."

This means that, once Apple addresses the flaw, either in an iOS update or with future iPhone models, the FBI is likely to not be able to use the same exploit any more.

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