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China starts tracking children using school uniforms

2018-12-28 16:30 by


Chinese schools have begun enforcing "smart uniforms" embedded with computer chips to monitor student movements and prevent them from skipping classes.

As a child enters school the date and time is automatically logged by the system installed in the school and the same happens when they leave. However, if a child attempts to leave school grounds at an unexpected time and without permission, or decides to skip a class, a voice alarm will sound and teachers can take appropriate action. If a child is prone to falling asleep in class this is also detected and triggers an alarm.

The smart uniforms were developed by Guizhou Guanyu Technology and it seems they thought of everything. As well as the tracking chips, a facial recognition system is used to ensure students can't get away with switching uniforms. For parents, there's a mobile app linked to the system. As well as allowing them to track their child's activities throughout the day, it's possible to allocate funds for buying stuff at school. And yes, that's monitored and logged too, so no lying about how many sweets they ate.

The idea came after the Communist Party called for the creation of "smart campuses" - but the technology can extend further than that.

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