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06-03-01, 01:37 PM
Do you know "spyware" ? What do you think about it ? Not dangerous, dont bother you ?

For some who dont know spyware, go to this site and learn :http://www.infoforce.qc.ca/spyware/ . More informations also in the site to "Security/Privacy related links".

Waiting for your comments...

06-03-01, 01:52 PM
I dislike it strongly. I don't want anyone making a profile of me. I use adaware a lot ;)

06-03-01, 06:51 PM
I posted a few days ago in the security section, but here goes again. The lastest in spyware is not a piece of software, per say, but resides in your bios. There was a lengthy thread about this at www.grc.com in the spyware forum (which is currently offline). Check these links for the scoop and a list of motherboard makers (and boards) that are currently using this:


The list is old; only the board makers are now shown on their web site (there is no link to the actual list of boards any longer, but the page is still up). At the very best, this is built in spam and at the worst, it is a self re-installing spyware/trojan app. It should of course remind you of the p3 serial# flap, but there is no outcry this time. BTW, phoenix owns award, so there are many boards that this could affect. -matt

06-03-01, 10:27 PM
Hi bunson,

gee, that comes very technical for me ! But it is very intersting. I already know www.grc.com. Good sites but too... Dont know how to translate that from french to english. Intellectual.... masturbation ! For sure, Steve Gibson know is subject but he align too much words to explain it. Look like a vendor who try to sale refrigerator to an esquimo !

Can we remove spyware from bios with opt-out or ad-aware ??

06-04-01, 12:10 AM
I think its a privacy invasion

06-04-01, 04:12 AM
I already dislike programs that mess with thing on my computer. And I idea of spywear replacing my dll files dont sit to good with me. What is it causes something to become unstable. and the idea that some of it hangs around after you remove the program is not cool. If they want to use spywear than they say have it labled on there program like in the ream me file and also when you remve the progema the spywear should go with it. To replace my needed files with thier F^cked up one does not make me happy. :)