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ISA NIC should be more than sufficient for ADSL and Cable Modems. Sometimes you can get a bit more speed by using PCI slots, however that's mostly because of the smaller CPU overhead rather than the maximum throughput.


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So I've run out of PCI slots and I need to get a 10BT NIC. I know ADSL is not gonna run near the 1.5 MBPS that it can, and 1.5 MBPS is under the minimum bus speed of ISA, but it's a lot under what USB is. So would ISA slow me down more than USB? I've heard people say that because you can still get around 3-6 MBPS on ISA I could use that. The reason I ask is because ISA is a LOT (about $30) cheaper. Thanks for any responses!

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I really think that adsl is great. I've got 6mb dl/1mb upstream adsl and I get speeds around 500-630k/s from local servers and about 300-500k/s from europe and max.~250k/s from USA. though I live in Finland Image
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I dont know alot about your ADSL.. but I did read the ADSL forum like a year ago befroe anyone I knew had any idea what I was talking :\

Oh yeah.. thing with ISA, if you lose all cards in your ISA slots, and go all USB and PCI, you get 10% System Performance boost! Its not exactly on topic.. BUT ISA MUST DIE!!!!! Image

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I'd probably get a larger increase, I have an ISA Winmodem. But I'll probably just have to go with ISA, I can get a nice one for 20 bux, and the cheapest USB one I've found was 15 bux more, which may not sound like much, but when you don't have a job, it hurts.