My new cable

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My new cable

Post by SwampBat »

Ok I just got cable 3 days ago, Im in Orlando and with TW the modem they gave me is a Toshiba pcx1000
I seem to be having speed problem, I read all the stuff and tweaked and tweaked its getting better, top download speed was around 120kB/s
upload is a shitty 6kB/s what else is there for me to do?
How fast should a dialup download from me?
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Post by dynhost »

Depending on where you downloaded from and where you uploaded to. But as you stated in your post you got 120kB/sec download (with a capital W which mean 120kBytes/sec) that is a T1 speed. As you uploading speed, 6kBytes/sec to a dial up modem is very good!

If you mean kB = KBytes then you are doing very good. But if kB = Kbits then you must call your local RR.

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