More points with BETA

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More points with BETA

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Assuming you are using Folding@Home Client Control Version 7.3.6 and you are folding with a display card also known as GPUs. You can gain additional points by adding the following switches to the GPU section of your Client Control Configuration.

Open your Client, Click on Configure and then click on the Slot Tab. You should see in the main window active Folding Slots, either ID 0 or ID 1 for GPU or CPU. If you don't have GPU, on the lower right of this window you can click Add and then the next window you can select GPU. If you leave the GPU index at -1 and the Folding control client will detect the active PCI-E slot in use and configure the one with a Display card.

If you have GPU running already and do not need to add one. High light the GPU entry you want to modify and then instead of clicking Add Click Edit. On the next screen Click Add again (lower right side of the screen) and then add the following so the it looks like the following screen shot.

insert into Name : client-type
insert into Value : beta

insert into Name : next-unit-percentage
insert into Value : 100
GPU BETA Switches.jpg

Click save and or back out to return all the way out. On your next work unit you should now pick up different unit.

Also if you don't have a Passkey. 1st do 10 Work Units to establish street credit, with the folding folks at

Then start here:
Add it at Configure - Identity - passkey

you will then get quick even better return bonus.
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