VIDIA drivers issues above 327.23

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VIDIA drivers issues above 327.23

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For the last several weeks I have noticed my display card GPU performance has dropped. At first I thought is was WU points for the different projects. Some WUs are worth more than others. But when my desktop display performance dropped started to lag progressively worse just viewing YouTube pages with each newer NIVIDIA driver I tried. I also started seeing that my computer would shut down for heat issues. A can of air and it would still shout down after a few days of 24/7 use.

I went to the folding website and read up on newer that 327.23 drivers and the WU point drop off. My computer averaged 15 to 17000 per 24 hours using 331 NIVIDIA drivers. Rolling back to 327 and so far it's at 22000. Plus the heat levels on the card have dropped a lot.
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Post by Humboldt »

I noticed the same thing, the rollback help me too.
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