Best folding rig I've seen listed so far.

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Best folding rig I've seen listed so far.

Post by rickoic »

Motherboard ASUS P9X79 WS $379.99
CPU 6 core (12 with HT) i7-3930K Sandybridge 3.2 GHz $569.99
4 X ASUS Titan GTX 2688 CUDA Cores 6GB 384 GDDR5 $999.99 x 4 = $3,999.95 + shipping of $6.14 each = $24.56
Corsair PSU 1200W $279.99 + $4.79 shipping
Other stuff not mentioned 3DDR Ram
Case, HD, DVD est $300.00

Total cost approximately $5,537.38

Points per day
CPU = 17,485
GPU0 = 29,909
GPU1 = 34,182
GPU2 = 53,878
GPU3 = 53,522

Total = 188,976

Of course this will vary as GPU0 and GPU1 catch the same series of work units as GPU2 and GPU3 then the average jumps up to 230,000~ or GPU2 and 3 could catch the same as GPU0 and 1 and the PPD drops into the 120,00~

Any way you figure it, thats one powerful machine. Power hungry beast as it draws around 110Watts of power.

I'd like one, but I'd need a lot of help coming up with that amount and being able to justify the power bill.

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Post by loop2kil »

Makes my measly 10k per day pretty insignificant :)
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Post by Humboldt »

Sweet Jesus.

That would be some serious points.

Are you sure your "110Watts of power" is correct?
I figure it's missing a digit.
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Post by morbidpete »

loop2kil wrote:Makes my measly 10k per day pretty insignificant :)
:nod: im only looking at 25k PPD and my power has to be at leask 3k watts
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