OK, here's what happened: My system shut down once and wouldnt turn back on. I smelled something burnt, and thought the cpu may have fried. Or maybe it might have been the mobo. I took the cpu to my friends house and installed it in his board which was able to run the cpu that I had (he was running the same as mine). I wanted to insert the cpu in his board and turn it on to see if it boots, that way i'd know if it was my cpu that was fried or my motherboad. Well, after i installed it and booted, it didnt turn on and apparently I think his mobo may have been fried from putting my (unknown at the time) bad cpu in the slot, because when I put HIS good cpu back in and turned it on, the cpu apparently fried, so he got a new cpu. He now wants to install it in the same board but I'm very wary of doing so. Now what I'm wondering is, can something like this this actually happen, or did something else happen I'm not aware of, and is there a way to "test" the motherboard yourself to see if it's functional or not? MSI is being ridiculous about returning the board, he said he checked the manual and the website and found an email and he keeps emailing it and all they give him is a pretyped general message about complete nonsense. So we were wondering if there's a way to check the board ourselves.