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Thread: Famous people you have talked with

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    oh, almost forgot.

    about 13 years ago, i sold my Yamaha GEP-50 rackmount guitar effects processor to Hadley Hockensmith, the guitar player for Niel Diamond. he came over to my place and messed with it for awhile. said he liked the neck on my guitar (Aria Pro II). we chatted and then he paid me and left.

    oh, BTW... here's a pic of Nunzio, the TV star pooch i got to play with. he's the one in Jenna Elfman's lap.

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    Andie McDowell sat next to me at dinner tonight(sushi bar). People kept buggin her too, thats gotta suck.
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    Originally posted by brembo
    Andie McDowell sat next to me at dinner tonight(sushi bar). People kept buggin her too, thats gotta suck.
    *smacks brembo multiple times* wake up, wake up! you're jerking off in your sleep again, dude!

    btw, the funny thing about your'll be driving that Honda forever!

    Big MoFo

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    Originally posted by John
    I am going to hunt you down and stalk you throught the city
    No need. Next time I am in town, I will give you a ring.
    blessed be................

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    Originally posted by Indy
    Isn't that when he was out playing with the kids in the park?
    Yeah, she found out a few weeks later that they had both been at the same art exhibit at a museum.
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    While I was in hollywood for the "Cable Guy Premier"
    Russell Simmons
    Mark Curry
    Rodney Dangerfield
    Howie Mandel
    Bobcat Goldsomething
    Art Mann - ETV!
    Carrott Top
    Too many others to name

    In my home town
    James Brown - lives here
    Ray Mercer - parents live here
    Riddick Bowe - some relative lives here,he bought them a house
    Floyd Patterson - promo for some liquour,got an autographed picture

    While competing on the Karate tournament circuit
    Billy Blanks
    Hakim Alston - Mortal Kombat
    Cynthia Rothrock
    Don Wilson
    Rick "the jet "Roufus
    Chuck Norriss
    Emmanul Lewis
    Bill "Superfoot"Wallace

    While working at the Holiday Inn too many years ago
    George Clinton
    Bootsy Collins
    Reba Mcintyre
    Skid Row
    Vanity 6
    The Time
    Mrs.Regan stayed there.Had secret service all over the place but never got to meet her.

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    ok heres my list

    Keith Hernandez- great 1st baseman, played for a crappy team
    David Wells- pitcher for the yankees
    David Cone- see david wells ^^^
    Bill Clinton- got a BJ from and intern cause his wife didnt
    Hilary Clinton- is like a women from the 1920 (doesnt give BJs)
    Andrew Dice Clay- funny freakin comedian
    Joe Torre- manager of yankees
    Tom Seaver- what a bum tryed to charge me $40 bux for an autograph

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    Originally posted by Brent
    she's one of my pretend gf's

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    I forgot all about with my encounter with Tom Jackson.

    It was my first winter up in Canada working back in '94. I was taking a flight from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Victoria, British Columbia.

    The flight was canceled due to high winds and blizzard conditions. So Air Canada was gracious enough to bus all the waiting passengers to the local hotels and put us up for the night.

    All the hotels were full so we had to be bussed to Regina about 2 1/2 hours away. lol

    Anyways I was standing outside having a smoke and drinking a Tim Horton's coffee when a huge guy came up to me and ask if I was waiting on the bus/shuttle and when it was suppose to arrive. Soon as I opened my mouth he said, "Your from the US aren't you?".

    He offered me a Canadian cigarette and we chatted some about the weather etc. for another 20 minutes.

    During that time about 15 people came up and ask for his autograph. Each time he smiled and said sure without an ounce hesitation.

    During the whole time we continued to to chat it up. Some guy came up to him and said, "All the rental cars are gone."

    He was his agent. I didn't know this at the time.

    So being inquisitive I excused myself and wondered to the ticket counter. A ploy to call my girlfriend at the time, now my wife Jen. I described him and what was going on. She freaks out, "Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god That's Tom Jackson!!" I was said, "Who?" lmao

    She said get his autograph for me. I was like, "Hey, what the hell" and went back outside to have another smoke.

    I casually walked over to Tom and chatted some more. He looked at me and said, "You don't have any clue who I am do you?" I said politely, "Not at all." and we both laughed. Tom said, "Good" with a friendly smile and we talked about my job and his.

    We ended up being seat buddies on the bus to Regina and Jen was calling me up every 10 minutes. geezz it was embarrassing.

    After about the 10th cell call Tom set her up.

    He answered my phone for me.

    I swear to this day I never heard another women scream as loud as she did!

    He chatted with her for like 5 minutes and even offered to pay for the cellular time which I politely declined.

    While on the phone with Jen he said, "So I hear you wanted my autograph?". He broke out a pen and wrote on a piece of paper...

    "Hi Jennifer, it was an real pleasure talking with you on the telephone. Your friend, Tom"

    After finishing his convo with Jen he gave me the paper. It was written on a page 34 of "Great Canadian Ghost Stories" which was airing in '95.

    An all around great guy!
    >>Cult Master of International Affairs<<

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    who is tom jackson?

    I was going to post a link to that thread, but the SG search results for "bullsh|t" were too numerous

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    Originally posted by Randy
    who is tom jackson?
    The Indian from Dances With Wolves & Maverick...I think he was also in that series with Lou Diamond Phillips...Wolf Lake I think it was called..
    “The most beautiful thing we can experience in life is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: for his eyes are closed.” - Albert Einstein

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    Originally posted by Randy
    who is tom jackson?
    I posted a link for the folks that didn't know who he was.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation tv series ~ guest star in Journey's End

    North of 60 tv series

    Relic Hunter tv series ~ guest star in Fire in the Sky
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    Portnoid McDougal

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    Jeez I must live a boring life, I have not talked to anyone famous in person or on the phone. But I betting that in my travels I have ran into famous ppl and just didnt know it!!! LOL
    Pammy ((:

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    That's a hilarious story, Joint Chiefs of Staff!! I loved it. And thank you for the link, by the way, that's my Tom site! :-)

    Indy, the fellow you're describing is Graham Greene. He's a good pal of Tom's ....

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    This isn't really fair, I used to work in Bel Air and Westwood, California for like 12 years....Home to the Stars...

    Mike Eisner (Disney)
    Zsa Zsa Garbor
    Art Linkletter
    Neslon Riddle
    Della Reese
    Sidney Shelton (Writer)
    Lenoard Nimoy
    Bob Newhart
    Walter Pidgeon
    Alfred Hitchcock
    Lionel Richie
    Joni Mitchell
    Charles Bronson
    Carl & Brian Wilson (Beach Boys)
    Georgia Frontrire (LA/St Louis Rams)
    Vince Edwards (Ben Casey on TV)
    Lionel Chetwyne (Tv Writer)
    John Milus (Writer/ Director (Conan, The Wind and the Lion))
    Don Gordon (Actor, was Steve McQueens sidekick in Bullit)
    Jean Stapleton ( Edith 'All in the Family)
    Carol O'Conner
    Hurd Hatfield (English, Paul Newman's first movie)
    Tom Jones
    Magic Johnson
    Kareem Jabor
    Jerry West
    Richard Pryor
    ......and a few others......but that's another story.
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    Karen Aquilar, in the U.S. Embassy; Mogadishu, Somalia, 1991

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    Christine Todd Whitman

    Jesse Jackson

    Reggie Jackson


    Bruce Willis

    ...formerly the omnipotent UOD

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    Here's a pic of Tracy Morgan holding a copy of the 'zine I co-publish:

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    Mostly hockey players from our area.

    Rob Blake (not sure what hockey team he's on now) His brother is married to our cousin.

    Nelson Emerson

    Duane Roulston

    Not a hockey fan so I have no clue who they play for now.

    Kim Mitchel and his band at a summer concert here.

    Think that's it....

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    Originally posted by Suzie

    Not a hockey fan so I have no clue who they play for now.

    Are you sure your a Canadian?
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