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Thread: Canon ZR40 or JVC GR-DVL120U Camcoder owners-help !

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    Canon ZR40 or JVC GR-DVL120U Camcoder owners-help !

    It's not as bad as it sounds !

    I've narrowed my digital camcorder search down to these two models and would really appreciate any feedback (good or bad) on either of these two digital camcorders.

    One point of particular interest in the motor noise on the Canon while recording. Reviews claim it's terrible.

    Thanks in advance for your help !

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    If the motor noise is a problem, either choose another camera or use an external mic.
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    I just purchased a ZR45 and the motor noise IMHO is not a problem. It is there but unless your recording in a quiet room it is not bad. Like Deus ex Machina said, you can just plug in a external mic. Overall I thought the Cannon is a better camera than the JVC.
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