Hi All,

Please help with my question.

I'm connected to the net through a cable modem and a router. I use Zone Alarm Pro as my firewall. The router I have came with a default IP address.

In order for me connect to the net, I've to instruct Zone Alarm to let this router with this IP address access the net. Because this IP address could be the same for all those people who bought this same router, does this potentially have security implications. Can someone who has this same router as I have, be able to enter my system, as we both will have the same IP address and Zone Alarm would allow the intruder to access my system thinking that the intruder and I are the same because of same IP addresses for both of our routers.

If the above is a real concern, what are the solutions to it.

Hope I'm clear enough in asking my question.

All feedback is appreciated.