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Thread: A Happy Thanksgiving to...

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    A Happy Thanksgiving to...

    our American cousins. Enjoy your loooong weekend!!
    "The best diplomat I know is a fully- charged phaser bank!"

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    oh, yeah baby!

    my agenda:

    1) hit as many freinds' Thanksgiving get-togethers as i was invited to (and either gorge or procure a "take-home plate" to keep me fed for the next week). i am a bachelor, so the Thanksgiving cornocopia is someting i take full advantage of .

    2) stay far FAR away from anything retail-store oriented over the weekend. especially malls and plazas....... i worked in retail for 7 years, and have grown to detest the masses in a parusing and/or buying frenzy.

    thanks for the sentiments, kilroy .


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