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Thread: Subwoofer stands

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    Subwoofer stands

    Anyone know of any good subwoofer stands or "legs" that could be used to raise a sub off the floor. I currently have mine, and always have, sitting directly on the carpet. I have always thought this was not a good thing for performance, but never did anything about it.

    Anyone have any ideas, or am I just going to have sitting it on piece of wood to isolate it from the carpet?

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    I got my stands from a 2nd hand store. Why don't you take a look around at your local salvation army store, Goodwill store or 2nd hand shop? You'll get lucky for sure! Lots of ppl get rid of speaker stands and you can find one dirt cheap. I only paid $4 for the pair i found and they're priced @ $60 !!

    Use a plastic milk crate for now until you find the stand.

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    No picture, but these are small cone shaped devices that will lift your sub about an inch or so off the floor....with the pointed end down to minimize vibration and maximize bass response as the carpet won't be absorbing it.

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    How about concrete blocks?
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