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Thread: Those OnStar commercials on the radio...

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    Those OnStar commercials on the radio...

    Not sure if many here have heard them, but OnStar is running commercials claiming to be actual calls between customers and OnStar staff, but I just don't buy it. The OnStar people are just TOO nice in these commercials, which makes me believe it's either the "pick of the bunch" or they're staged.

    Perhaps I'm merely a pessimist?

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    It might not necessarily be staged, but i bet what happens is the Supervisors of the OnStar call center says to the whole place

    "for the next 30 minutes, be on your best behavior, all your calls will be recorded for a commercial"

    and then the supervisors pick hte best out of those recorded calls.

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    i dunno some places i call i get very polite ppl all the time, could believe it.

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    We rented a caddy one time and it had onstar. Pushed the button... and they are taht nice....

    very nice people.. very helpful
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