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Thread: switch problem

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    switch problem

    we are trying to install a dell powerconnect 5012 switch on our network here at work...we are replacing a 18 port ethernet hub (that works fine btw). this switch is connecting to a dell 3024 switch. when we connect the new 5012 switch we loose all network connections, we hook the hub back up and it works fine. At one time we had a ISDN and a Linksys switch that worked fine. We then went to cable internet and our Linksys switch quit working. The people that service our computers said the switch was bad, so we bought another Linksys switch and it didn't work either.

    Anyway, I thought somebody here maybe could answer what we are doing wrong since we don't have a clue. Thanks.

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    Uplink one one to standard port on the other using a standard cable?

    Or standard to standard port...if so, using a crossover cable?

    Perhaps one needs full duplex turned off....or auto-negotiation manually set? (if they allow management)
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