Ok I have this project to do and its like impossible to do!?
Im supposed to create a double linked list implemented as a class and have ( insert, delete, search, traverse ) The structure used for it should have fields for ( name, ssn, age & occupation ) The search, delete func perform their functions give a persons name. The program fills up the linked list using a data file. Then the program presents the user with options ( display a record, add a record, delete a record and exit ) The display, add, and delete operations should request a name and display an error if the name doesnt exist in the list. Then on exit the program writes the linked list back to the data file.

A same file I guess looks like this
Smith, Bob

Im soo lost on this project.

The code for the class though is this:
PHP Code:
Class LL
record *head;
record *tail;
int insert (record *);
record *search(char[]);
int delete_item(char[]);
void traverse[];
LL:: ( LL )
head NULL;
tail NULL;

Id be willing to pay someone ! I need u geniouses