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Thread: Sniper strikes yet again!

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    Sniper strikes yet again!

    Man! They gotta catch this guy!!

    Another Shooting Reported in Washington Area
    39 minutes ago
    By Brendan McDermid

    ASPEN HILL, Md. (Reuters) - Police in Montgomery County, Maryland, said they were investigating another shooting early on Tuesday, closing major roads and checking vehicles to determine if the incident was related to the serial sniper who has killed nine people and wounded three since Oct. 2.

    A spokesman for Montgomery County fire and rescue said the man, a passenger on a commuter bus, was shot in the chest and flown to a hospital for treatment.

    "The police will be continuing to investigate the circumstances of the situation," the spokesman said.

    A spokesman for Montgomery County police, who have been heading a massive task force since the first shootings occurred there, said, "At this time, we are investigating an early morning shooting. ... We are searching the area and bringing in all available resources."

    The officials said the incident took place on Connecticut Avenue, near where some of the original shooting incidents took place nearly three weeks ago.

    The victim was being treated for a chest wound, the spokesman added.

    WTOP radio said the police dragnet was massive, with the major avenue near the scene closed. Rush-hour traffic on the capital beltway, the major highway ringing the nation's capital, stopped at the American Legion Bridge.

    Though authorities responded to the incident around 6 a.m. as if it was related to the sniper, who has struck his victims with a single bullet from a high-powered, long-range rifle, the police spokesman said it was "too early in the investigation" to tell if the shooting was related.

    The shootings, most in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs of Washington, have all been linked by ballistics analysis.

    The shootings, the last of which occurred in Ashland, Virginia, on Saturday night about 80 miles south of Washington. have cast a pall of fear over the region.

    Montgomery County, Maryland, Police Chief Charles Moose had been attempting to get in contact with the sniper, who authorities believe left a message at the scene of Saturday's shooting.
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    i hope they castrate that bastard.

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    I just can't believe how good that guy is, and that's a BAD thing.

    He hides, gets a shot in, and dissappears in the blink of an eye. Hundreds if not thousands of people looking for him, and *POOF* he's no where to be found.

    I'm starting to wonder if he just has a hole dug into the ground, and just hides there untill all is clear. It's just so hard to believe that he fires off a shot, walks to his truck, drives away and doesn't get caught in a road block.

    I sure hope when thay catch this guy, they give him chance to talk. I guess I have a morbid curiosity of how and why he did this. I would think that his info would also help keep something like this from getting so far along, if someone should try a copy-cat crime.

    After he talks, kill him.
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    Darn! I hope ther catch his a$$

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    was watching something lastnight that said the shooting this past weekend mayhave been a taunt to the police since they were saying he didn't shoot on weekends...and as I said yesterday, the arrests yesterday could have been in responce to the two guys they arrested yesterday...
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    I personally don't think its the same guy, I mean a shot in the chest doesn't sound like the good marksman the sniper is, I think its just an immitation.


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