Help, I ran a network using a netgear dual speed hub. I had two client computers connected to one server that had two nics using windows 98se on all computers I used ICS on my server. At this point I had no problem, great internet speed and all. Now my server motherboard went down forcing me to reconnect to another computer. I installed the 2nd Nic and configured everything as it was (no problem) My problem now is I can see the client computer in Network Neighborhood but when I click on it I receive a message stating that “//my machine is not accesible the computer or sharename could not be found please check your typing and try again.” and I also see the main computer on my client and it does the same thing….I have done everything including unistalling internet security on both machines to no avail….My cable service uses DCHP. I have tried configuring DNS to enable on both machines and disabled on one or the other…..Has anyone got any suggestions to what I need to do……I have run out of options