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Thread: Rogers Hi-Speed Lite vs Hi-Speed Internet

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    Rogers Hi-Speed Lite vs Hi-Speed Internet


    I am currently using rogers Hi-speed internet in Canada. I heard about rogers new Hi-Speed Lite version and it is less expensive than the Hi-speed version. Plus, they say that the lite edition can get up to 128 Kbps when downloading and 64 Kbps when uploading.

    The hi-speed version can download about 1.5 Mbps and upload about 192 Kbps.

    Is it worth it to switch to the lite version?
    Can you tell the difference in the speed of both versions?

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    I would use the high speed version definatly.

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    Dont switch the lite service is crap.
    Your download/upload speeds are like phone line...its crap and plus they charge you $50 to change the service. Trust me you wont want it.


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    I mean.. it wouldn't hurt to try eh?

    u've got all the equipment and all installed.. the only thing they need to change is at the head office... unless it's reallly really bad .. ask around some more..

    if you're not a heavy dler or uler... this service would be great for games too..

    btw I don't work for rogers....

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    hm what about telus?is it available in your area?i used rogers/shaw and now telus adsl =telus a way better (faster).

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    hi y'all..especially canadians i have shaw..and have experienced lite and high speed and totally feel it's worth it..i'm not a big online gamer and don't work with vid files much..but for the songs i DO download from friend's ftp sites as well as huge movie files, i wouldn't go any other terms adsl while somewhat comparable to cable in speed, it's just not quite as fast..and telus support often sucks..i helped my motherinlaw get going after her repeated calls and attempts to get help with her password until finally i told her to bark and tell them she would cancel..finally, it was fixed..

    and i do work for rogers but a different division than cable or internet


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