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Thread: I can't share files or printer on XP!!!

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    Unhappy I can't share files or printer on XP!!!

    I know this might be strange, everyone tells me that XP can do miracles with networking, but I got a serious problem (well for me ). If there any french canadians out there u know about Videotron High Speed, that's my ISP. I am currently sharing my internet connection using a Linksys Router 4 ports 10/100 mbit. The internet sharing works perfectly and for game so does the lan. BUT!!! I can share my files or my printer. I used to be able to when I had DSL...but now I have Cable.

    I mean I do all the steps in the wizards on XP (which both of the computers have) and I still can't see the other computer or my own shared files). I know more than the average person about computer, but even my tech friends look at me with a strange look when I tell them about this. I hope u guys have a solution for me.

    One more thing that could make it clearer. Since I didn't know what kind of "connection" to put down on my Router settings (u know the page that u get when u go on I put detect automaticaly...there is also PPP (which I used to have) SingleTel and lots more. Could that be it? Could u tell me which one to take?

    I'd really appreciate your help guys

    Thx for your time


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    Are you using a 4-port router on your LAN or are you using the "Windows Networking" application that's in WIndows to share a broadband connection??

    If you are using a router, what you have to do is turn Windows Networking OFF, and instead configure the NIC (network interface cards) in your PC manually to work on the LAN. This means thay must (at the least) be set to "Obtain an IP address automatically" (assuming you are using the router's DHCP function), and that each PC on the LAN has the exact same "Workgroup" name on each machine. See your router dox for more details on where to find these settings, and let us know if you can't.

    If you're using the Windows Networking app that's part of WinXP, then I'm afraid I'm stumped, because I always use the more dependable router technique.

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    Good guide for networking XP. Scroll down to the Ethernet LAN section if you like.

    Since you have the router sharing the internet with the two comp.'s, it seems to be set up just fine.


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