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Thread: SMC7004ABR-Loading Web Pages

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    SMC7004ABR-Loading Web Pages

    When I first set up this router I had problems with both computers connected to the router to access the internet. They were online but required several clicks of the "refresh" or "go" (in IE 5.5) buttons to get a web page to load properly or at all. After a few hours it seemed to sort itself out but the problem has returned. Anyone come across this? It's annoying have to refresh every web page 3-4 times. It's not once in awhile but happens with every page. Thanks for your help.

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    Things that can often help this:

    Empty all temp files, temporary internet files, your cookies directory.

    Update your browser to the latest version....I'm loving IE 6.1.

    Try different MTU settings on the router (not sure if SMC allows adjustment of this on the routers end, but most routers do)
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