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Thread: Restricted Sites

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    Restricted Sites

    I have been trying to filter out pop up ads using the restricted sites function of Internet Explorer. When an as pops up, I run netstat -a at the prompt, I can see what sites the comptuer has a connection with, and I can add these sites to the restricted sites in IE, this has worked to a point, the numbner of ads has decreased but IE is still making connections to sites that I have restricted.

    Can anyone shed light on what I am missing, I know it has to be simple, but I can not see it through red eyes.

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    Yes, you will still see connections to the restricted domains because many time, images used in banner ads are coming from the same server. I sometimes still see connections to Doubleclick servers because some pages use images from those servers, but I get NO doubleclick cookies.

    You can use wildcards in the restricted sites zone too:

    For instance, to block ALL cookies from a domai type:
    *, where xxxxxxxx = domain name.

    IE stores the Restricted Sites here in the Registry:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains

    You can Export that regkey and use it on other machines and save as a backup to use when reformatting.
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    Using Restricted sites does not block your computer from reaching the site in question, it only disables that site.

    You can block your computer from reaching sites by using a Hosts file. This does not prevent the actual pop-up from opening -- a blank IE window can still be opened -- but a least you never reach the site.

    To prevent pop-ups all together, you can disable Active Scripting in the Internet zone -- or use a Pop-up stopping program.

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    Try pop-up stopper at it is free and work well.


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