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Thread: TCP Optimizer vs mnosteele52's Cablenut Settings

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    Question TCP Optimizer vs mnosteele52's Cablenut Settings

    Hello All,

    I'm confused about the settings optimized by TCPOptimizer and the Cablenut settings that mnosteele52 has identified as ideal for my connection (i.e. as outlined in his post, "My Tips"). Should we be applying both tweaks? Or does TCPOptimizer apply the same settings to the registry values that can otherwise be entered in Cablenut? I would prefer to use Cablenut if they both access the same values.

    I know you guys have explained this countless times but I'm still unsure what RWIN value I should be using. RWIN is the same as TCPWindowSize and GlobalMaxTCPWindowSize right? Would someone be so kind as to review my system & connection info below and advise?

    Thanks a bunch!

    ---TCP Analyzer Results---

    MTU = 1500
    MTU is fully optimized for broadband.

    MSS = 1460
    Maximum useful data in each packet = 1460, which equals MSS.

    Default Receive Window (RWIN) = 64240
    RWIN Scaling (RFC1323) = 0 bits
    Unscaled Receive Window = 64240
    RWIN is a multiple of MSS
    Other values for RWIN that might work well with your current MTU/MSS:
    513920 (MSS x 44 * scale factor of 8)
    256960 (MSS x 44 * scale factor of 4)
    128480 (MSS x 44 * scale factor of 2)

    bandwidth * delay product:
    Your RcvWindow limits you to: 2569.6 kbps (321.2 KBytes/s) @ 200ms
    Your RcvWindow limits you to: 1027.84 kbps (128.48 KBytes/s) @ 500ms

    MTU Discovery (RFC1191) = ON

    Time to live left = 49 hops
    TTL value is ok.

    Timestamps (RFC1323) = OFF

    Selective Acknowledgements (RFC2018) = ON

    IP type of service field (RFC1349)= 01011100
    Precedence (priority) = 010 (immediate)
    Delay = 1 (low delay)
    Throughput = 1 (high throughput)
    Reliability = 1 (high reliability)
    Cost = 0 (normal cost)

    -Running WinXP Home

    -Cable connection courtesy of ATTBI, Caps 1500/256

    -Current SPEAKEASY Results: 1440/246

    -OOL Speed Test Results (64MB file): 176 KB/sec after 50% DL

    -I have applied all of mnosteele52's Cablenut settings (DefaultReceiveWindow 192000, DefaultSendWindow 32768, GlobalMaxTCPWindowSize 64240, TCPWindowSize 64240)

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    I would suggest leaving things as they are, your speeds are GREAT for your connection and your settings look fine.


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