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Thread: Modifying a Word Doc's Info

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    Modifying a Word Doc's Info

    Anyone know how to clear all the stats included in word docs? Author? Last Saved by? Etc? I tried deleting it, but it doesn't work!


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    Click on File > Versions. I know there is an option there to delete a version's info. I'm just not sure if it will completely delete all of it. Give it a try and let me know.

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    Uhm, I'd say that depending on the complexity of the document, I would just use CTRL-A to select everything, CTRL-C to copy. Then open a new document, and paste everything with CTRL-V in there... save and voila, no more info there...

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    If you are speaking of preset file properties listed when you go to open a file (type, modified, etc), they probably can’t be removed. However, custom file properties can be removed by hitting File/Properties/Custom & select properties to be removed. If you really can’t stand seeing these when you go to open a file, go to the “view” drop down menu and hit “list”. The file properties aren’t really gone but at least they aren’t polluting your view anymore.


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