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Thread: Time for new memory?

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    Time for new memory?


    AS you can see, I have corsair pc2400H ram. 512megs of it.

    I do have to buy a new power supply, but I'm also considering new memory. My question is if you think what is limited my overclocking on my 1.8a is my ram, or my msi mobo? I am suck at either 200 base ram speed and then overclocking the fsb by 35, which gives me 2.37. Or, if I jack up the ram I can reach 328 ram speed but only 2.21 on the cpu.

    Think it'd really be worth it to buy some faster ram? Ram certainly isnt cheap, although I have concsidered waiting until the dual ddr boards come out and buying that along wth another corsair pc2400H. I figure that the added speed of the dual would be enough.

    MSI 845 Ultra-ARU
    p4 1.8a @ 47 BILLION
    radeon8500 (4 HS's)
    2 80gig WD se's raid0/120gig WD
    30gigWD/15gigMaxtor/1.2gig WD
    512megs corsair pc3000xms

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    Hiya OTD.

    IMHO i think you shoud get 2 sticks of pc2700 or 3200. If you wanna go faster than 200fsb, i suggest getting 2 sticks of pc3500. At least this way you'll have the ram for the dual DDR board you're waiting on

    About the psu, well........ that too is important. Check out newegg. You could find a good deal.

    I'm stuck @ 190fsb. My pc3000 won't go any higher than 390Mhz even with xtra voltage. My cpu will go up to 2Ghz.
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