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Thread: Hell in my backyard or...

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    Hell in my backyard or...

    ....Everything you wanted to know about modding but were to afraid to ask!

    So I've wanted to mod my case for a couple of years now and last xmas my better half bought me a Dremel.


    Commitments and an apartment with no backyard made it a no go.

    In May we moved to a bigger apartment with a backyard.

    Even cooler.

    So I started. Work for a day, leave it for a week. Work for a day, leave it for a week. On and on till I was sick of looking at it. On Saturday I said "shpx it, I want my computer back".

    This is what I found out about modding:


    Uhg...I hate not having the right tools.
    I hate not having a proper work space.
    I hate sneezing when I'm trying to clean up the edges of a hole I just made...SCRAPE!
    I Hate black spray paint.

    Blah, Blah, Blah...I've calmed down since I started writing this.

    I guess I just wanted to rant.

    Thanks for letting me bitch.
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    haha I feel ur pain....

    I put loom all over my wires took me little over 1hr, than I went to look at it. SO messy like a emachines pc on drugs


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