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Thread: Happy late 2 year and early 1 year annversary, to me

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    Happy late 2 year and early 1 year annversary, to me

    Well... i originally joined here 2 years ago as of august 13th, 2000. I went thru my bad times... stuff happened.. .ya

    a year and 4 days later (August 17th, 2001) i joined as the name mmc128. changed my name to MMC when we had the numbering conflict... then finally changed my name to TEH WIN, which is who i am now

    its been a great 2 years... started off rough.. but now I am at home.

    Thanks for makin it great over the last two years...

    I love you all like family...
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    aaww group hug

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    Ah, it's been great having you too man.
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    who are you?

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