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Thread: o0o so u like sandy?

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    o0o so u like sandy?

    emailed sandy, told her u guys liked her pic, how about a few more? on the tech side she said her b/f used a 1.3 mega pixel camera, with 2x zoom, wish it woulda been 4x lol, ya the last pic is a lil risque` but not anything u didnt see while on vac this yr probably on a beach, lol
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    Re: o0o so u like sandy?

    Originally posted by knightmare
    *makes whip sound* down boy!
    Originally posted by UnitedWeStand Don't go walking up to her and say "I just had a vasectomy wanna celebrate?
    Originally posted by EvilAngel Actually Kitten just got the sonagram done and the doc thought it was twins at first, but soon realized that it was the boys pen1s laying next to
    Said by XSeanX on AIM I wish girls were a lot easier
    Originally posted by Needlefreak May the fleas of a thousand taliban camels feast happily on your lower region..
    Originally posted by Jim Heart attack on a bun?


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