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Thread: computer keeps restarting when coming back from standby.

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    computer keeps restarting when coming back from standby.

    When I let my monitor shut off normally after a certain amount of time, and come back a few hours later, i move my logitech cordless mouseman optical around to wake up the monitor. the computer goes on system standby after 20 minutes. It always worked fine, but after this new reformat and install of win 98, it's now either not coming back up, even if i hit the keyboard, or it's actually restarting my computer. Wont properly come back from standby, I have no idea why, so I'm asking you guys what you think it might be. something in the bios maybe? if so, what?

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    I've seen the same problem on Win98 machines before. Do a google search for Windows 98 standby freeze hang...soemthing like that. You should find some good links. There are some different suggestions and there may be a patch too depending on your configuration.

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    Might be because you have your hdd going on standby as well.
    Try disableing the automatic hdd turn off thing and see what happens


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