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Thread: Crystal skulls?

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    Question Crystal skulls?

    What do you think about these ( besides that they'd make VERY cool ashtrays)?

    A Crystal Skull is a piece of quartz crystal shaped in the form (or approximating) of a human skull. There are two types of skulls that exist, those which have been carved in a known process by contemporary craftsmen, thus called contemporary skulls and others which have been discovered in or near ancient ruins, known as ancient crystal skulls. The most interesting of these skulls are the ancients one which are human size or larger. In working with these ancient crystal skulls, we find an incredible energy generally linked to the artifact and many strange physical phenomena.

    The places where the human sized ancient crystal skulls have been found is Indian ruins (Mayan, Aztec, etc....) in Mexico or Central America with unsupported rumors of some skulls being discovered in South America. Thus far, four types of quartz skulls are known including clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and smoky quartz. The contemporary carved Crystal Skulls have been manufactured in Mexico, Brazil, Germany & Nepal and there are many local crystal stores which sell some of these skulls. The ancient skulls not only have baffled our scientists (when a skull was available for research) regarding how they were made, but have a great deal of psychic phenomena occurring around them. For example, several of ancient skulls have been brought to Hewlett-Packard, located in the San Francisco area which has one of the best scientific and crystal research laboratories in the world. The scientist their were hard pressed to explain how a primitive culture (because the skulls are known to be at least several hundred years old and as we believe, much older) could have carved crystal into such precise shapes and especially against the natural axis of the crystal. Crystal is a substance that has a perfect symmetry of how its molecules align. When a carver cuts crystal, if they attempt to carve against this axis, the crystal shatters. Even with our elaborate laser equipment, it would be very difficult to create such Crystal Skulls as are be uncovered and do so against the axis. This does not even begin to address the strange phenomena that occurs in the presence of an ancient Crystal Skull.

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    Yeah I've read about them and seen specials on tv for a while now.

    I've often wonderd about them and still have not made up my mind if they are really relics or not....Still, imho, I think they are pretty cool.
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    I'd like one...I have 2 skull candles (one red, one black)


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