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Thread: Whos Hottest (lots Of Pics)

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    Originally posted by HongKongPolice
    Where'd you get those huge close ups of Mandy?
    From me.

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    Originally posted by LT-73

    I'll admit J-Lo is a scaggslut, but one thing's for sure, compared to those chickenwing girls like mandy moore that have no boobs or a$$, J-Lo runs rings around them And about her having a fake a$$, that shinit is REAL. But you would'nt know that cuz you've never seen the girls from the Bronx. All them hottie's a$$es is real enough, i should know. Born and raised in the Bronx. And if I was gonna choose a pin-up girl, trust me, she gonna have a serious rack on her, not no boneless breast of chicken.

    And what woman looks good without make-up? I yet still have to see that.
    J-Lo is a scaggslut?

    LT-73, c'mon dude, you know you wouldn't kick her slippers out from under your bed! You lying sack of *****!

    Scaggslut.....yeah right. If she knocked on your door right now, we wouldn't hear from you for weeks! Next time anybody saw you you'd be skinny and cross-eyed!

    Besides, I thought you liked your women skanky?

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    Haha.. Yea we would all nail J-Lo.. Cuz she's

    A. Famous
    B. Big Rack
    C. Willing

    She's no Heidi Klum, but she's not your typical woman on the street..


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