Just a general note to anyone suffering the same thing. particularily 56k users.

you call up your web address and it may take you therre, or not.

you may well end up in "this page cannot be Displayed. and it may or may not come out of there.

on checking the Bytes, in and out in the lower right corner, the two comps. the counter is ticking as usual, but no movement on in or out of bytes being transfered.

for several days now my system has been acting up. one minute fine the next nothing. i of course

started to tinker. reinsatall win 98se, browser, try different browser, defrag and the list goes on.

finally after 4 calls to Sprint Canada it appears it is Nation Wide.

for whatever reason they are switching from Specify name server addresses to Server assigned
name server addresses (start, control panel, dialup networking, isp icon in right side, right click, properties, server types, TCP/IP settings, Button ,Server assigned name server addresses )

this according to them solves your problem

it however does not.

it appears there has been a nationwide bungle in the operation and it is FUBAR.

i found this out by my buddy 3000 miles away having the same problems on a different server isp.

when confronted the nice lady on the help line volunteered the last bit of info.

so if you are suffering the same problems. it is Not your system.

hang in till it is corrected.

regards minir