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Thread: Best Driving Game and Controller

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    Best Driving Game and Controller

    I figure if I had made it a question I would have received less views, sorry for the dupe. Any way, I thought after all the FS2002 talk I was wondering what you you folks use for driving games.
    What is the best controller?
    What is the best game?
    I have the Nascar Pro Digital 2 controller and it is decent. Sometimes the pedals just don't feel that responsive, fine controls don't seem to work that well. Good for hard accelerating and hard breaking but not much inbetween. I wish there was a way to calibrate the steering wheel and pedals in general, for the games that don't have that option in them(GTA3). I like the steering action for the most part. Would be nice to have force feedback, wish I had gone ahead and gooten one with it since you can shut that off. Unfortunatelly there is no stores in my area that carry any for PC and I won't buy something like that if I can't take it out of box and fondle it before hand.

    On to the games. My favorite is the Rally Trophy. Awesome game! Good reality, able to fine tune steering well, and just ferakin fun! Would like to see an updated wersion with modern race cars or at least even 80's race cars, that and I wish you could save after every stage. Those are my only gripes with it and they are minor.
    I also have Nascar Racing 2002 Season. Good game! Who in the hell knew it could be so fun to drive in circles? (I still think it is boring to watch) Great reality and great graphics< both true for Rally to by the way. Must admit of the driving games I have played this was the biggest surprise of the bunch. No gripes I can think of with this game, other than apparentlly my system crashes during Championship races in the middle of the race.
    Have a few other games but none really compare to these two.

    Not expecting anybody to write this much but a general idea of your favorites and why would be appreciated.
    Now I got to play them all cause it has been a while.
    If there are any for X-box or PS or other console games let me know to thanks.

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    The best racing experience you can have in a game is the F355 Challenge deluxe arcade cabinet. Encapsulated adjustable seat, surround sound, 3 screen panoramic, shifter, etc. There's one in the lobby of a local movie theater, I've only played it a couple times because I usually go at night and by the time I get out the machines are turned off. Plus I have it on DC, so it's cheaper.

    I'd say Sega Rally 2 (arcade style powersliding) or F355 (hardcore sim) are probably the best car racing games currently available.

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    I have the Microsoft Force Feedback Wheel w/peddles and it was AWESOME in flight sim when i had windows 98. but the game port version (the one i have) isnt supported in windows 2000 so it doesnt work properly anymore the USB version does support windows 2000 i believe.
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    Originally posted by jz
    Plus I have it on DC, so it's cheaper.
    You have it on WHAT?

    Can u get it on PC? I've played this game too (F355 Challenge) and its TIGHT. I just cant see myself driving to Dave and Busters every time I wanna play it...
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    hey De Plano- I'll check out that rally pc game you mentioned, sounds cool.
    I would recommend getting "need for speed prosche unleashed" for the pc. a little old but you can buy it for ~15$ and it's well worth it.
    xbox has a kick ass rally game, not sure of the title, but I think they only have 1 rally game available.
    Do you have an xbox or ps2 system?

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    i still like need for speed high stakes

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    For the PS2 my choice is WRC (World Rally Championship). The realism is astounding. I use the Logitech wheel and pedals and find it to be very nice so far. I use to use the old Thrustmaster back in the days when I was a beta tester for Papyrus doing the IndyCar and NASCAR. The Logitech wheel is far superior to anything else I have used.
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    My personal favorite is Gran tursimo 3 for ps2, however i only play it with a regular old dual shock 2 controller! can't afford the 100 dollar wheel yet!
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    jUst got "Master Ralley" for pc last night, it kicks a$$ big time.

    I'm using my logitech wingman gamepad...wish there were

    some gampads for pc gaming that have force feedback, like the

    ps2 gamepads.. anybody know of any??


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