Here is my stuff I'm selling, need to make room guys, so feel free to buy something. ;-)

I have updated this thread once more, and dropped prices further in hopes someone will take this off my hands. All software/games will be shipped via media mail for $2.50 on top of there prices. And everything else that is above $15 in value will receive free shipping.


Pokemon Yellow for Game Boy $5 pending
Black and White (comes with the box and manual, in good shape) $12.50 pending
Caesar 3 (comes with the box and manual, in good shape) $5
MS Flight Simulator 98 (comes with cd case only) $2.50 pending
Command and Conquer Red Alert (allied cd only) $.50
Command and Conquer Soundtrack Collection (3 cd's, mint shape, comes with the cd case) $10
Command and Conquer Soundtrack (1 cd from Tiberian Sun) $5
BlackICE Defender 2.1 (software firewall) $1.50
World Book 1999 Encylopedia $2.50
ZCI Publishing Concise Encyclopedia $1
College Major Interest Test $25
Combat Flight Simulater 2 $15
Carmageddon $2.50
Sim Theme Park Gold Edition 2 CD's $11.50
Unreal Tournament 2 CD's $6.50
F22 Raptor $5
Win DVD $6.50
Red Alert 2 $14.50
Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge $10.50

Computer Hardware:

1 Lian Li RH-600 new hd mobile rack $40 (newegg has this for $55) link to pics...
1 6 months free aol code $50 (worth over $130)
2 Samsung 128mb PC2100 200pin so-dimm $25 each, $40 for both (used for under 6 hours)
1 N64 cable that plugs in the tv 3 colors, red, white, yellow, need the name to this one ;-) $4
1 S-Video to Composite Video adapter $4 Pic
1 DIN cable, goes into the pci slot $5 Pic Pics of the cables2
3 Phoneline cable about 10ft I think $2
1 AT PSU 235w $6 (make an offer)
1 EPoX 8K3A+ $100 (new in retail package, newegg carries this for $123, version 1.0)
1 Linkskey 2port KVM switch $40 (comes with 2 high grade cables, complete setup)
1 Linksys 2port KVM switch $60 (comes with 2 high grade cables, complete setup, cheapest online for $83 shipeed)

Fans: (cheap as they get)
5 Evercool 80mm fan 30cfm 25dba $3.50 (brand new)
8 Turbocool 80mm fan 31cfm 26dba $3.50 (brand new)
1 Just Cooler 92mm fan $7 Just Cooler Info and Pics (I cut the top pastic grills off mine for better airflow)
1 Golden 80mm fan grills $2 (brand new, come with 4 screws) get them for $1 when ordered with any fan!
3 Regular 120mm fan grills $2.50

this is a copy and paste thread from here...

Heatware under AMD Soldier, email me at

my isp email is and

Thanks for your time!