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Thread: Supercharger - Electronic Turbo Kit

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    Supercharger - Electronic Turbo Kit

    Dont get suckered in by other sellers of Cheep inline blowers that offer 150cfm 3" blowers, This blower is fully capable of pushing 160 to 180cfm depending on the filter used.
    100% brand new and in factory box is the new Electronic supercharging turbo kit for the Mustang, but standard and the hardcore Cobra. This fits any year so long as you have an after market intake. This can be used with the stock intake, but resaults varry without the aftermarket intake.

    Im telling you this is amazing, you will easly flow 3 to 4 times more air into your system, thus increasing your boost and hoursepower.

    You can except gains as high as 40hp and without the cost of a Garrett, Greddy, XS, drag or other turbo kit and without the power stealing affect of Jackson racing superchargers.

    This will include everything you need to install onto your engine, unlike the other guys sell just the basic parts, i include mounting hardware, controll devices and an installtion guide. Shipping is a mear $8 to the great 48 and $15 to the other 2 and canada.

    Good luck and happy boosting!!

    $45 does this stuff work?

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    i'm not sure if these are the same product, but it looks like a 'tornado' or whatever..just a little fan to try and push more air. it's useless if that's what it is.


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    Naw, boost is measured in PSI, ie PRESSURE. That little motor won't increase boost. If anything, it'll probably reduce the air flow. Real superchargers are connected to the engine, which can give A LOT of boost depending on the angle of the fins. If it was so easy, EVERY car would of 1 of these electronic superchargers.
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    Looks just like an air intake to me. You aren't going to be paying $45 for a real supercharger. A real supercharger costs a pretty decent chunk of change. Atleast a few grand if you get a Vortech, I haven't really looked at other brands of superchargers to know their pricing. Also you will generally see large pipes for which the air can flow through to get maximum air flow. However, I am not really sure how small they make the superchargers for imports.


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