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Thread: Restoring a disk image after RAID-0 set up...

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    Restoring a disk image after RAID-0 set up...

    I have an existing image of a clean Windows XP install I made using Drive Image 2002.

    If I were to set up a RAID-0 and partition the disk the exact same way as it was before, would restoring the disk image work normally? I figure since the OS sees the RAID-0 as a single drive and since the partitions (especially the C: partition that would hold the OS) are the same it would work without a hitch, but I'm not sure.

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    Any time you restore to a different place than you backedup you are rolling the dice. I know some people have had problems removing the RAID card and trying to boot from the same disk using the onboard IDE. THey were getting BSODs.

    Your mileage may vary.



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